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No Comments 17 March 1999

Jim Boggia has been part of the Manayunk music scene for quite a while, hosting open mic night at the Grape Street, playing solo. If you go to the Grape on an open mic night, you’re likely to see him playing old songs no one else would touch, like ‘Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on my Head’ and other fun classics…

Jim Boggia also has some really great original tunes and funny stories to tell… In fact, the more I see him, the more I like him, with such irresistibly catchy pop songs that you can’t resist humming along with… He mainly plays guitar, but once in a while you might see him playing something else. Combining an excellent playing style to a great voice, he can both rock out the tunes, and play smooth and mellow. Some songs you might hear if you see him live include ‘Peter Pan’, ‘Several Thousand Times’ (sic), ‘Black and Blue’ and ‘Annie Runs’ (sic).

While he’s still playing his own shows, whether solo or with a band (I just saw him play with the drummer from Huffamoose and some other great local musicians), Jim is playing lead guitar and doing back up vocals for Ben Arnold’s latest project.

You can often catch Jim Boggia at the Grape Street (open mic or on his own), La Tazza, the North Star Bar, and other locations throughout the city. He also has done session work for big stars such as Juliana Hatfield and others. He’s playing every Wednesday in April at the Grape…

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