Jim 8.4.00 @ North Star Bar – Philadelphia, PA

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howdy yunguns,

Coming to a North Star Bar near 27th and Poplar Streets this Friday,
August 4, 2000:

A Legend, An Institution and Jim Boggia featuring Kenn Kweeder, Ben Arnold and
Jim Boggia.

I’ll be playing a set of my songs in the trendsetting trio format, with
Mike Frank and Scott Bricklin playing things and singing stuff.

Why is it important to attend? Well, there’s Kenn Kweeder, who will be
playing in what is rapidly becoming America’s new favourite rock combo
formation, a trio. This is Kenn’s fourth decade of rock in Philadelphia.
He works hard, so come out and show the man some respect.

Why else is it important to attend? Ben Arnold will be there with the
full band (I’ll be partly filling it). In these modern times, with the
rock combo rapidly changing everywhere to the three piece unit, it is
still a wonder to marvel at that relic of bygone days – the mighty rock
quartet. See what a difference drums can make.

But really why is it important that you come? Well, I’m meeting my
girlfriend’s mom on Friday and a large crowd would make me look good.

The Recap:
Friday, August 4, 2000
North Star Bar
27th and Poplar Sts – Philadelphia, PA
It’s looking like:
10p: Kenn Kweeder
11p: Jim Boggia
12a: Ben Arnold

Do what you can,

Catch vidclips of ‘Several Thousand’ and ‘Nothing Wrong with Me’ from my
recent performance at the Philadelphia Weekly’s Summer Concert Series
at: You can check out some Ben Arnold from the same
night there as well.

Remember, you can do this everyday!


Jim: 7.29.00 @ Dawson Street Pub – Manayunk, PA

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Hi Everyone,

Have you ever found yourself saying ‘gee, I’d like to see some live
music tonight’ and then the person you’ve just said this to says ‘yeah,
me too . . . but what kind of music do you want to go see?’ and then you
ponder for a moment and you say either something like ‘I’d like to hear
some Jim Boggia music, but not too much Jim Boggia music’ or perhaps
something like ‘well I know I’d love to hear some Burt Bacharach tunes,
but maybe with a little Jim Boggia flava’ or, probably more likely ‘I
don’t really care as long as there’s a great selection of beers.’ Now
does it sound familiar?

If you find yourself saying, thinking, or even feeling any of these
things this coming Saturday (7.29.00) around 10p or later, you should do
yourself (and your not very talkative friend from the above paragraph) a
fava and come up/down/out/in to the fabulous black hole known as the
Dawson Street Pub. I promise to play at least 3.5 of my own tunes, plus
probably a couple other songs that you’ll think are my tunes but really
are just other people’s tunes from records you’ve never heard (I’m
clever that way), PLUS at least one Gllbert O’Sullivan tune.
For the lousy $3.00 they’ll ask for at the door, I promise in return to
deliver at least a solid (or perhaps a squalid) $3.25’s worth of
info-tainment (ex: ‘this next song is in C# minor’). Oooo, pinch me!

The Recap:
Saturday, 7.29.00 – 10p
Dawson Street Pub – Manayunk, PA
100 Dawson Street (at Cresson)

And you’ll also want to mark your calendars for:
Friday, 8.4.00 – 10p
North Star Bar – Philadelphia, PA
27th and Poplar Sts.
I don’t know the phone, but it ain’t 235-STAR anymore
WITH Ben Arnold and Kenn Kweeder

See you there,

(No, the record isn’t done yet.)

Remember, you can do this everyday!

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