Boggia – 1/18/01 @ The Fire – Philadelphia, PA

0 Comments 15 January 2001

Hey Everybody . . .

Whatcha doin’ this Thursday night? How about coming out to the Fire @
The Philadelphia Bar & Grille for the second show of my three week
residency? Really, you’ll come? Thanks! And thank you to everyone who
came last week to the Fire to see my show and sets by Matt Sevier and
Libby Kirkpatrick. It was a great night of music from beginning to end.

This week, Mike McShane opens and Bob Lowery finishes up, with me stuck
in the big ol’ spotlight residency centre slot.

Remember, it doesn’t say “The Fire” anywhere outside the building, just
“Philadelphia Bar & Grille.” Shhhhh, it’s a secret!

The Recap:
Thursday, January 18th, 2001 – 10p
The Fire @ The Philadelphia Bar & Grille
412 W. Girard Avenue – Philadelphia, PA

Th., 1.25.01 – The Fire – Philadelphia, PA
* The final week of my January Thursdays residency. This night will also
have sets from Ben Arnold and Scott Bricklin. Expect the three of us to
be playing a little on each other’s sets. Should be a great night.

Th., 2.1.01- Bobby G’s – Roxborough, PA
*The Ben Arnold/Jim Boggia show returns to the 2nd floor @ Booby’s. This
year, we’re gonna make it a first Thursday of every month kinda thing.

Fr., 2.9.01 – North Star – Philadelphia, PA
* 4 WAY STREET: After our incredibly successful show at the Point last
month (I know that usually when I write something like that I’m being
sarcastic, but in this case, it really was a big success), Joseph
Parsons, Ben Arnold, Scott Bricklin and myself have decided to get
together for one more throwdown. This time, we’re adding Erik Johnson
with us on drums, so it should be even better.

I truly hope many of you can make it Thursday.

Be well,

“Books are good.” – Ringo Starr

Remember, you can do this everyday!

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