The Return of Bobby’s

0 Comments 29 January 2001

Hey All,

A big thanks to everyone who came out the past few Thursdays to the Fire
– I had a very nice time and wonderful turnouts. It was an encouraging
start to the year.

Now, this Thursday (2.1.01), it is time to bring back a tradition
started way back in the year 2000. Those of you old enough to remember
that far back will know what I’m talking about – yes – The Ben
Arnold/Jim Boggia Thursday night extravaganza/variety show/fiasco at
Bobby G’s.

What is it about Thursday nights at Bobby’s that sets our collective
heart aflutter?

* It could be the great special guests, which for our February throwdown
means Todd Barneson, who is our all-time favorite Wisconsin ex-patriot
singer/songwriter/guitarist/mandolin player (and the competition in that
category is stiff).

* It could be that Bobby turns over his second floor to us in an
ill-advised act of faith, leaving us to entertain you without the
encumbering shackles of “the man” breathing down our necks.

* It could be having our good friend and housemate Denise behind the
bar, making it seem that much more like a home away from home (and
keeping our bar tabs low).

* It could be that having this “home away from home” located 93 paces
away from our “home at home” means that I can leave for a 10p show at
precisely 9:58p (and it is a lot less of a drag when I forget my capo).

* It could be the comaradarie of the friendly folks who come out, except
that I’m not really sure how to spell camaraderie.

* It could be many other things, but my damn wireless keyboard is
crapping out so badly that I have completely lost my creative flow.

Whatever it is, The Ben and Jim Thursday night series at Bobby’s (this
year the 1st Thursday of each month) is pretty much unlike anything
else, if only for the reason that we can’t get away with it anywhere but
Bobby’s. Come see for yourself this Thursday at 10p (I’ll be arriving at

The Recap:
Thursday, 2.1.01 – 10p
Bobby G’s
6800 Ridge Avenue – Roxborough, PA
with Todd Barneson

Don’t forget the 4 Way Street show a week from this Friday at the North


Remember, you can do this everyday!

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