A Letter from Allen Iverson

Hi Everyone,

I’m forwarding this email from AI to address a concern I know some of
you have been thinking about:

From: aiverson@sixers.com
To: jim@jimboggia.com
Subject: Your Record Release Party

Yo J,

Did you catch the game last night? See, I told you. We’re gonna sweep
this thing for you. Man, we we’re all so bummed when we found out they
scheduled game 5 on Friday, June 15th 2001, the same night as your
record release party for your long-awaited and mildly-anticipated debut
LP ‘Fidelity is the Enemy.’ Shit, Coach is so upset about it he’s
thinking about retiring. And you know, I feel for you personally, cuz
you remember all that trouble I had with MY record release before the
season started. And if for some reason those chumps from LA get lucky
and win one, you can tell your fans this:

Allen Iverson says it’s ok to go to Jim Boggia’s Record Release Party
for ‘Fidelity is the Enemy’ on Friday, June 15th 2001 at the North Star
Bar, sponsored by ASCAP and the Philadelphia Music Conference. The fun
starts at 9p and the music starts at 9:30p. Me and all the rest of the
‘6ers promise not to do anything exciting in Game 5 until the second
half. For real.

Hope that helps you out. Good luck with the record. I gotta go put some
Ben Gay on my back.

Your good friend,
Allen Iverson


Thanks AI.

The Recap:
Friday, June 15, 2001 – 9p
North Star Bar
27th and Poplar Streets – Philadelphia, PA

Record Release Party
Sponsored by ASCAP and the PMC
“Iverson says it’s ok to come.”

So, please do.

P.S. – Sixers in Four!!!! (please?)

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