Boggia – Record Release Party – 6.15.01 – North Star Bar

0 Comments 13 June 2001

Hello Sports Fans,

This Friday, 6.15.01 I will celebrate the release of my
mildly-anticipated debut LP ‘Fidelity is the Enemy.’

The question is, will I celebrate it in the same manner as my 10th
birthday, that is to say, alone?

Alas, the Sixers did not come through on their promise to sweep the
Lakers so they could all come out on Friday and buy a copy of the record
(Dikembe said he’d buy 2). Yes, my show (doors at 9p, music at 9:30p
SHARP!) is up against Game 5.

So here’s what I’ll do.

* I will have sexy women parade across the stage with score updates
between songs.

* I will have a TV onstage showing the game. Not one of those passe, big
screen jobs, but a 13 inch black and white baby that will draw you into
the action (and close to the stage).

* If absolutely necessary, Mike Frank and I will act out instant replays
with Erik Johnson providing play-by-play in “Uppese” (Uppese is a
language that places the word “up” in every syllable, such as “Thupe
Supixupers upare gupouping tupo kupick thupe Lupakupers upassupes.”)

I heard Coach Brown say that one of the things that was throwing the
SIxers off was that the players were distracted by the thought of too
many people watching the first half of the games at home on tv, so maybe
the best thing to do for them would be to come on out and hear some
music. So, it’s really up to you.

The Recap:
Friday, 6.15.01
Game 5 of the NBA Finals

Er, sorry. I meant to say . . .

The Recap:
Friday, 6.15.01 (Doors 9p / Music 9:30p SHARP!)
North Star Bar
27th and Poplar Sts. – Philadelphia, PA

ASCAP and The PMC Present:
Jim Boggia – ‘Fidelity is the Enemy’

“Support the REAL underdog.”

I hope against hope to see some of you there.


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