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0 Comments 02 August 2001

Hi Everyone,

Please read on to find out about a couple of ways I’m giving away some
free music.

This month I’m starting a new thing at my site. Each month, I’ll
be putting up two unreleased recordings for streaming and downloading.
This month, the selections are:

‘Several Thousand’ – Original Demo:
This demo was recorded the day I wrote the song and was done very
quickly, but I’ve always loved the vibe of it and it even kinda has a
sense of humor about it.

‘Bubblegum 45s’ – TV Mix:
A TV mix is essentially the finished recording minus the lead vocal. I
always love these mixes because you get to hear things going on in the
track you might otherwise have missed. I particularly like TV mixes of
my own stuff because I don’t have to listen to myself sing.

So, these two recordings will be up all month in August at:

but they go away at the end of the month.

I’ve talked about giving something to those of you who order advance
tickets for my August 11th show at the Point. What I’ve decided to do is
make a 6 song CD for you that will have some of the things I’m putting
up on, PLUS some material that can not be posted to
Specifically, my note-for-note re-creation of ‘Every Night’ from the
‘McCartney’ LP. It’s a recording I’ve always been quite proud of, but I
can’t sell it or post it on the web due to copyright issues.

To get a copy of this CD, order tickets for this show:

Saturday, 8.11.01 – 9p
The Point
880 W. Lancaster Ave. – Bryn Mawr, PA

by calling the Point at:

or through the web at:

YOU MUST ORDER TIX BY AUGUST 9th (‘cuz I need to know how many CDs to

I hope these things are of interest to you guys. I’ve been thinking for
a while about how to get some additional material out that isn’t really
stuff I would put on an “official” record, but that I have a soft spot
in my head (um, heart) for.

And remember, the Ben (Arnold) and Jim show returns to Bobby G’s in
Roxborough (6800 Ridge Ave.) tonight (8.2.01) at 10p with Special Guest
Brad Yoder.

Hope you’re all well,

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