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0 Comments 15 August 2001

Hey Kids (Rock n Roll),

Come celebrate the scenic beauty that is Roxborough by stopping by
Gorgas Park tomorrow (8.16.01) at 7p for a mini “Roxborough Music
Festival” featuring short sets (probably about a half hour each) from
myself, Ben Arnold (I’ll be playing with Ben as well), 4 Way Street
(I’ll be playing with 4 Way Street as well) and Amy in Space (I will not
be playing with Amy in Space, I need to rest sometime).

Remember, it’s only a matter of time before Gary Barbera paves over the
park to make room for more of their damn cars, so let’s enjoy this
(truly) beautiful park while we can.


Then, on Friday morning, I will be making an appearance on the Y-100
Morning Show. I’ll go on at around 9a, promote ‘Fidelity is the Enemy’
and sing a couple of songs. This should be exciting listening, because:

a) I can’t sing at 9 in the morning


b) I will not be awake during the interview.

You’ve been warned.

THIS IS ALSO AN ALL AGES EVENT (though I’m guessing it tops out around

The Recap:

Thursday, 8.16.01 – 7p
Gorgas Park – Roxborough, PA
Ridge Avenue and Hermitage Sts.
(just past Roxborough High School)
with 4 Way Street, Ben Arnold and Amy in Space.

Friday, 8.17.01 – 9a
Y-100 Morning Show
with Limp Bizkit, Korn, Kid Rock and whoever the hell else they play.

Rock on (Oh, my soul),

PS: Jimmy Dean (James Dean)

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