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No Comments 31 December 2001

Jim Boggia Voted #6 Best Local Music Act in Citysearch 2001:

1. Jill Scott

2. Lefty’s Deceiver

3. The Roots

4. Marah

5. Eve

6. Jim Boggia

7. Stargazer Lily

8. Lenola

9. Townhall

10. Eltro


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No Comments 19 December 2001

by Hobart Rowland

Singer/songwriter Jim Boggia has never been shy about advertising his debt to Lennon and McCartney. And this Thursday, he’ll join John Faye, Slo-Mo’s Mike Brenner, Huffamoose’s Kevin Hanson and some 20 other Philadelphia musicians at the Tin Angel for “Harrisongs,” a belated tribute to John and Paul’s younger, “quieter” bandmate.

Billed as “a celebration of the life and music of George Harrison,” the event will traverse the peaks and valleys of Harrison’s career, from his stellar, if limited, Beatles output (“Here Comes the Sun,” “Within You, Without You”) to his intermittently brilliant solo work (“All Things Must Pass”) to quirky obscurities (“Wah-Wah”).

While he’s relishing his role as point man for the event, Boggia admits the idea for the George lovefest wasn’t his. Tin Angel talent booker Larry Goldfarb thought of it after he spied Boggia on TV among the Beatles fans gathered at Strawberry Fields in New York’s Central Park on Nov. 30, the day after Harrison died. “When I got there, just a couple of people were playing, and they had it in their hearts but not necessarily in their fingers,” says Boggia of that murky, magical day in Manhattan. “So I asked if I could join them, and I wound up leading this singalong for about three hours.”

Boggia says that “Harrisongs” will be similar in spirit to the 1999 restaging of the Beatles’ farewell rooftop gig (captured for posterity in the Let It Be documentary) atop HMV in Center City. In fact, it will include some of the same musicians who, along with Boggia, took part in that Walnut Street happening, including Scott Bricklin. Granted, the proceedings at the Tin Angel won’t resemble a full-blown reenactment, but the music will stay true to its source. “There’s going to be a core band that plays most of the night–sort of like the house band–and different people will come up and join us,” says Boggia. “A lot of it is going to be close to the book. To me, those [songs] are like sacred text. When I play any of those songs, I don’t deal with any interpretation. I’m just trying to play the record–which is kind of my thing anyway.”

In addressing the cynics who view the hype surrounding Harrison’s death as overkill, Boggia is both passionate and realistic. “He was in the Beatles, ya know? They were all meaningful in making that special thing happen. ‘Here Comes the Sun’ … there’s really not a better Lennon and McCartney song in the entire canon. George was the young kid, and was not taken as seriously within the band–that was the role he played. But it wouldn’t have been the Beatles without George.”

>> Thurs., Dec. 20, 8pm. $8. Tin Angel, 20 S. Second St. 215.928.0770

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