JB in NYC & 4WS @ Godfrey Daniels

No Comments 26 February 2002

Hi Friends,

First, a big thank you to everyone who attended the shows at the Point
this past Saturday. It is very rewarding to play for a room full of
supportive people. I like it even better than when I used to play to 4
people (doorman, bartender, soundman, lone audient).

Speaking of 4 people, the 4 Way Streets will be bringing our all
singing, all dancing, minstrel show and jamboree to the historic Godfrey
Daniels in Bethlehem, PA this Friday (3.01.02) at 8p. I know Godfrey
Daniels is historic, ‘cuz Townes van Zandt got drunk there once (at
least). Who knows, maybe we’ll make history, too.

Speaking of history, New York City’s Lower East Side is no stranger to
launching historic music careers, though it is stranger than many other
places. So, I’ll feel right at home at the Sidewalk Cafe this Saturday
(3.2.02) at 9p. Who knows, I may be the next Strokes (hey, my hair’s
unkempt and I wear Chuck Taylors, you can’t just dismiss it out of hand
like that).

The Recap:
Friday, 3.01.02 : 8p
4 WAY STREET (Messrs Arnold, Boggia, Bricklin, and Parsons)
Godfrey Daniels
7 E. 9th Street : Bethlehem, PA

Saturday, 3.02.02 : 9p
JIM BOGGIA (the singularly messy Jim Boggia)

Sidewalk Cafe
94 Avenue A (at 6th Street): NYC

Hope to see you there or there (or there and there, if you’re feeling


Thanks again for Saturday night.


Saturday, 2.23.02 @ The Point : Bryn Mawr, PA

No Comments 18 February 2002

Hi Friends,

This Saturday (2.23.02) it’s 2 shows 2 at the Point. While you can’t be
in two places at once, I can be at one place twice, so the shows are
conveniently timed to occur at 7p and 10p.

You may ask, will these shows be different from each other? Well,
somewhat. They won’t be as different as night and day, but they will be
at least as different as 7p and 10p, that is to say, I’ll at least wear
something different for each show.

You query, what can you tell us about the free cd? Thanks for asking.
For those who order tickets in advance by 2.20.02 (by either stopping in
at the Point or going to online), you will receive a
one time only giveaway disc (which this time will be given out twice,
since there’s two shows, but that’s really putting too fine a point on

This one’s called “JPGR” and features a John tune, a Paul tune, a George
tune, and a Ringo tune.

Future discs may/will include:
* Jim Boggia has Nothing to Say (The Instrumentals) and
* The Jesse Honig Orchestra presents the Music of Jim Boggia

I hope to see you either there or there later.

The Recap:
Saturday, 2.23.02 : 7p & 10p
The Point
880 W, Lancaster Ave. : Bryn Mawr, PA


Tix available in advance at the Point or on the web at
(order by 2.20.02 and receive JPGR free cd).


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