News of Delaware County: Folk by Any Other Name May Draw Larger Crowds

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What?s in a name? Not enough sometimes, like when people make mistaken assumptions about the Lansdowne Folk Club.

?Folk? kills us 90 percent of the time,? says president Lee Jones. ?People think we?re sitting around singing ?Kumbaya.? The Lansdowne Folk Club?s range of styles goes far beyond their name, as their 9th Anniversary concert Thursday night will reveal when Full Frontal Folk and Four Way Street perform at the Twentieth Century Club on Lansdowne Avenue.

Full Frontal Folk, a relatively new four-woman band, ?is creating a lot of buzz,? Jones says. ?They play hip-hop, punk, and traditional folk ballads,? and look a bit like all three styles as well. They share a love of traditional bluegrass as well as modem singer-songwriter stylings, delivering a combination of covers and originals that defy classification.

Wendy Fuhr, Jennifer Schneck, Thea Shoulson, and Courtney Malley play 6 and 12 string guitars, bass, mandolin, fiddle, and percussion, plus blend their voices in polished harmonies.

Four Way Street is also new, but the group?s four men have been headlining in Philadelphia for a long time. Ben Arnold, Jim Boggia, Joseph Parsons, and Scott Bricklin ?all solo recording artists ? combine their distinctive rock, folk, pop, and R&B styles.

?The funny thing about our club is that we offer anything from jazz to doo-wop, while also bringing in the best national and international folk acts,? Jones explains. ?But we?re on the fringe of the traditional folk scene.?
Their eclectic range of styles compliments the Twentieth Century Club?s wood-trimmed, intimate confines. Many concerts occur in the library room, which seats 80-90 people and has beautiful acoustics. Concerts like Thursday?s require the ballroom, where the Folk Club puts a stage on the floor to keep the performers near the crowd, who are arranged in a semi-circle. Thanks to curtains installed by Celebration Theatre, the acoustics there are just as natural.

Upcoming concerts demonstrate the Folk
Club?s fringy approach. On April 25, catch
Fred?s Mobile Homes ? a Philadelphia bluegrass band that takes the ?Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?? sound and adds some ?Yo, Brother!? On May 23, experience Broadside Electric ? ?everything from Celtic and klezmer to folk rock and traditional English ballads,? says Jones. On June 6, celebrate summer with local Brazilian jazz duo Minas.

If you go: Tickets for the Lansdowne Folk Club?s Ninth Anniversary concert Thursday night at 7 pm are $14 in advance, $16 at the door. Call 610-22-7250 or e-mail at for information and reservations.


4/1 at Kenny’s (no foolin’) and a 4 Way this Thursday in Lansdowne

No Comments 26 March 2002

Hi Friends,

Next Monday (4.1.02), I will be appearing at Kenny’s in Southampton,
going on around 10p.

“Kenny Rogers has a house in Southampton? Wow, will you play ‘Coward of
the County?’ Will there be fried chicken? Is he going to hit on my
date?” I hear you ask.

While these are all fine questions, it’s not that Kenny’s.

“Kenny Loggins? Will you play ‘House on Pooh Corner?’ Will he talk about
his new age marriage with his new age wife?”

Now you’re just reaching at straws. Kenny’s hosts the celebrated Monday
night Songwriter series with The Family Jules.

“Jules Shear?”

Alright, maybe you’d prefer to hear about the 4 Way Street show coming
up this Thursday (3.28.02). It’s at the Lansdowne Folk Club, which is
sometimes known as the Twentieth Century Club, which is kinda quaint
(sorta like Folk music, so it works). We’ll start at 7:30p, right after
one of us counts to four.

The Recap:

Thursday, 3.28.02 : 7:30p
Lansdowne Folk Club
84 S. Lansdowne Ave. : Lansdowne, PA

Monday, 4.1.02
1134 Street Road : Southampton, PA

Not doing anything this Friday? Ben Arnold’s playing at the Tin Angel at


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