Saturday night at Tin Angel

No Comments 30 April 2002

Hi Everyone,

Choose One:
a) Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes.
b) To everything (Turn, Turn, Turn)
There is a season (Turn, Turn Turn)

I’m reminding you all once again about the upcoming show at the Tin
Angel this Saturday (5.4.02) at 10:30p. Teddy Goldstein opens (of the
NYC Goldsteins).

I think I mentioned in the last email that this was gonna be a band
show. You may have noticed a derth of Jim Boggia shows in the popular
rock band format recently, and you’d be right.

But this Saturday marks a new (but kinda old) chapter of the Jim Boggia
band format.

After playing together for the last three (four?) years or so (not to
mention the work we did together in the early 90s, but I won’t mention
that), this will be my first band gig without Erik Johnson on drums.
What can I say? I always knew we were playing on borrowed time, and the
time has run out. Erik is busier than sin, playing nearly full-time with
both the Kevin Hanson Trio AND his own Trio of Many (maybe there were
just too many people on stage when we played), teaching, doing session
work, being a relatively new husband . . . it’s an overly full plate and
I think we both have sadly recognized the futility of trying to
continue. If you even once heard the Jim Boggias play with Erik on
drums, you know what a special musician he is and what he brought to the
songs. Erik, I wish you all the best, will continue to cherish our
friendship, and hope that every so often we might get together and play
for the pure enjoyment of it. Thank you for several years of great gigs
and all the wonderful playing you contributed to ‘Fidelity is the

Now, on the up side of things, this Saturday will mark the happy return
of Roger Cox to the drum throne. Any of you old enough to remember
‘Doogie Howser’ may remember my old band, Ultrasound, to which Roger
contributed his beautiful drumming. You may also know Roger as “Ringo”
whenever I put together one of the Beatle related events that I’m prone
to do (look for an announcement soon about June 18th). I remember Mike
Frank and I mixing demos Ultrasound recorded and we always liked them
the best when we just listened to Roger’s drumming. We had a rehearsal
last week (don’t worry, we’ll have another one this week) and things
felt so immediately comfortable and right. I’m really looking forward to
playing with Roger again and I think you’ll really enjoy hearing him

Very much hoping to see you there.

The Recap:
Saturday, 5.4.02 – 10:30p
Tin Angel
20 S. 2nd Street – Philadelphia, PA
Teddy Goldstein opens



This Friday at the Grape Acoustic Lounge

No Comments 22 April 2002

Hi Friends,

I’m making my first Manayunk appearance in about 4 months this Friday
(4.26.02) at the Grape Street Pub upstairs in the Acoustic Lounge. I’ll
start at 8:30p.

“Oh, but I’m going to the Point to see Ben and Kevin. Darn.”

Yeah, I can dig it. But check it out: I’m playing about an hour, so if
you have plans to catch their late show, you could start your musical
evening by coming out to the Grape, and then we’ll all head over to the
Point in time to see more music.

Um, can I have a ride?

To make it worth your while, I’ll be debuting at least a couple new
songs, and potentially be debuting my new guitar.

Next Saturday night (5.4.02) I’m at the Tin Angel. This is a band show
and starts at 10:30p.

The Recap:
Friday, 4.26.02 : 8:30p
Grape Street Pub Acoustic Lounge (2nd fl)
105 Grape Street : Manayunk, PA

Saturday, 5.4.02 : 10:30p
Tin Angel
20 S. 2nd Street : Philadelphia, PA


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