4WS: It’s safe to go outside again!

07 August 2002

Hi Everyone,

Having just seen the movie ‘Signs’, I have to ask this question:
What kind of person are you? Are you the kind that thinks that
this break in the heat happening just as 4 Way Street are about
to make two outdoor appearances is juck luck, a coincidence?
Or, do you believe that there are no coincidences. That surely
this must be a sign from some benevolent force that 4 Way
Street and its minions of fans are being watched over and
protected from the otherwise merciless and oppressive heat?

Well, either way, come celebrate this beautiful break in the heat
with not one, but two 4 Way Street outdoor performances.
Wednesday night, we’re at Pennypack Park in Philadelphia.
Show starts at 7:30p. Thursday night, we throw down for the
hometown at Gorgas Park in Roxborough. That one starts at 7p.

John Bolaris says it’s safe.

The Recap:
Wednesday, 8.7.02 - 7:30p
Penneypack Park
Welsh Road at Rowland Avenue - Philadelphia, PA (In the Great
Directions at:

Griffin House opens

Thursday, 8.8.02 - 7p
Gorgas Park
Ridge Avenue at Hermitage St- Roxborough, PA

Todd Barneson opens

See you there,


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