NYC – 9.26.02 – CB’s Gallery

0 Comments 20 September 2002

Hey Kids,

CB’s Gallery. A legendary venue. Well, technically next door to a
legendary venue. It’s where the Ramones got their start, or at
least just to the left of it (or right of it, depending on whether you
saw the Ramones or were in the Ramones, although Dee Dee
used to kinda face sideways while playing, so if you were him it
may have actually been in front of you, or behind you, depending
on which way you were facing, but the chances of you being Dee
Dee Ramone at this point are astronomically slim, so I’m
probably digressing just a bit).

Blondie started out here, too. Actually, I think when Blondie
played the space where the Gallery is may have been a deli, but
Debbie Harry probably ate a corned beef sandwich there, which
is legendary in itself. In a way. If you sort of think about it for a

OK, maybe the Gallery doesn’t have the historical cache of it’s
older brother next door, but we can change that. Come out this
coming Thursday (9.26.02) at 9p as history is made with an
historic solo acoustic performance that will go down in history as
. . . well, as historic.

The Recap:
Thursday, 9.26.02 – 9p
CB’s 313 Gallery
313 Bowery – NYC

NYC shows have been amazing lately. I hope you all can make


Um, now that I think about it, when I went into that whole Dee
Dee Ramone thing, I may have actually been thinking of Stu
Sutcliffe, so scratch that part.

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