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Hey Media Mavens,
This Tuesday (5.17.05) is shaping up to be Super Tuesday in terms of media exposure, with a couple special broadcasts to check out. Here’s the scoop:
A big juicy interview segment with host David Dye, plus 4 performances with Mike Frank on keys, Pete Donnelly on bass and Jesse Honig on drums. The show plays at 2p EDT on WXPN in Philadelphia and at various times across the country on a boatload of stations.
How to listen:
1 – Those of you in Philadelphia can pick the broadcast out of the ether by tuning in to WXPN at 88.5 megahertz on the FM dial. This broadcast happens at 2p EDT on Tuesday, 5.17.05.
2 – Sirius Radio subscribers can listen as the signal is beamed down from space on Public Radio International channel 108. This broadcast happens at 9p EDT on Tuesday, 5.17.05.
3 – You can go directly to the World Cafe website and listen live through the miracle of the internets, as our fearless leader would say. This broadcast happens at 2p EDT on Tuesday, 5.17.05.
4 – You can check for a local station near you that carries World Cafe at the above website. BE WARNED: Many stations only carry World Cafe a certain number of times each week, and they may not broadcast all shows. You’re safest using one of the other three methods, but if you know a station in your area that carries World Cafe each weekday, then I should be there.

I’ll be doing a LIVE webcast (audio AND video) on eaTV at 3p EDT on Tuesday, 5.17.05. I’ll be playing a 5 song solo acoustic set and doing an interview segment. This will be live, as in really live and not just live to tape, so all mistakes and embarrassing moments will NOT wind up on the cutting room floor. I’m told that for some reason, there’s a big audience for eaTV in London, England, so I hope all my London friends and fans will do the time conversion and tune in. Those of you in other parts of the world can pretend you’re watching from London. ‘Allo Guvnor!! May I have a tuna sarny with the crusts cut off and all that rot? Um, sorry.
How to listen and watch:
Go here – can’t get more simple than that. 3p EDT on Tuesday, 5.17.05.

Begin by tuning in to World Cafe on Tuesday, 5.17.05 at 2p EDT, then add a dash of eaTV at 3p.
Hope you’ll have a chance to tune in. It’s okay if you want to tell your friends, I won’t mind.


Rock and Roll Report: Reviews by Girard: Jim Boggia “Safe in Sound” (Bluhammock)

No Comments 13 May 2005

I have waited five years for a new musical opus from Philadelphia native Jim Boggia . Well the wait was worth it as this is one of the pop albums of the year. And by far. I already knew how important this man was when I first heard his 2001 release ?Fidelity is the Enemy? which is a virtual musical shooting star. This status was confirmed when I had a chance to meet Jim when he accompanied Jill Sobule and Mary Kate O?Neil four some acoustic concerts in France. His presence, his sense of humor, his guitar playing and his voice literally captivated me. He is part of the grand tradition of great songwriters in the pop pantheon: Jason Falkner, Tomy Keene, Paul McCartney (which he can sing magnificently, I have never heard such an incredible cover of ?Maybe I?m Amazed? as the one sung by Jim). On this album he has some magnificent people helping out: from Pete Thomas (from Elvis Costello?s Attractions) to Butch (the Eels) to Aim?e Mann to Wayne Kramer (yes the guitarist from the MC5) to Emitt Rhodes (another member of the pantheon of Pop I alluded to above) to Justin Meldal Johnsen (Beck). But most importantly the heart of the matter are the songs: luminous, powerful, melodic, intimate, essential. You will listen to these pop classics again and again as the days go by after you first play this record. A true goldsmith. If there is one pop album to buy this year (along with the latest from Brendan Benson) you must get ? Safe in Sound .? This is not merely a recommendation, it is an order!

By Girard G?rard

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