Charleston Post & Courier: JIM BOGGIA – “SAFE IN SOUND” – (BLUHAMMOCK)

Charleston Post & Courier: JIM BOGGIA – “SAFE IN SOUND” – (BLUHAMMOCK)

By Devin Grant

When you first hear the song “Made Me So Happy,” you would swear that you were listening to some long-lost Elvis Costello track.

That is part of the fun with the music that Jim Boggia makes on “Safe in Sound,” his latest CD. Boggia was declared legally blind in his left eye almost from the day he was born, and over the years he lost most of the sight in his right eye as well.

Boggia devoured just about any record he could get his hands on as a kid, and once the music was mentally digested, the aspiring artist would do his best to emulate the artists that caught his ear.

The results are readily audible on “Safe in Sound.” “Shine,” a tune that Boggia co-wrote with friend Aimee Mann, leads off the album in a lovely fashion.

From there, one can almost trace the musical mood Boggia was in while writing a particular song. “Once” and “Let Me Believe (Evan’s Lament)” just ooze that lovely Beatles flow, while a song such as “Slowly” leans more toward a Beach Boys groove.

While “Safe in Sound” might appear as if it is in danger of becoming a cheesy tribute album to Boggia’s favorite bands, nothing could be further from the truth.

In reality, “Safe in Sound” is one of those CDs that stays with you long after the music has ended. Boggia should plan on a long and illustrious career in the music business if he decides to keep putting out material as good as this. (A-)

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