Boggia – Boston This Thursday

Boggia – Boston This Thursday


Look, I’m just gonna give it to you straight on this one: this is a show at a room that has traditionally not been very strong for me. In other words, I’m expecting seven to not only be the time of this event, but also the number of people I’ll be playing to. No no, I AM counting the people who work there.

PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG! Remember when Spike Lee released Malcolm X and he thought it was so important that black people should take the day off of work and pull their kids out of school to go see it? OK, I could never really figure out why people just couldn’t go see it on the weekend, but that doesn’t apply here because you can’t come to my show on the weekend. What I’m saying is, this gig is my Malcolm X. At least for Boston? . . .? this week.

If you’ve checked me out before and dug it, please try to make it on out. I am not only a musician, I’m also a doctor – I’ll be happy to write anyone notes for their bosses / teachers explaining the grave medical reasons why you had to cut out on Thursday. Don’t just do it for me. Do it for Spike.

Have I mentioned I’d really like you to come out?

The Recap:
Thursday, 10.27.05 – 6p
Paradise Lounge
967 Commonwealth Ave
Boston, MA


Will Daily opens.

(ok, I’m not really a doctor.)

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