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Greetings Road Warriors,

I’m packing up my bags and hitting the road hard – doing a five week stint opening up for Duncan Sheik throughout the rest of January ’til the end of February – and, chances are, we’ll be playing in a town near you. Don’t believe me? Check it:

1.18.06 – 9:00p – Legend’s – Boone, NC – 18+
1.19.06 – 8:00p – Belcourt Theatre – Nashville, TN – All Ages
1.20.06 – 8:00p – WorkPlay Theatre – Birmingham, AL – 18+
1.21.06 – 7:00p – Roxy Theatre – Atlanta, GA – All Ages
1.22.06 – 7:00p – Hi-Tone – Mamphis, TN – All Ages
1.24.06 – 8:00p – Sticky Fingers – Little Rock, AR – 21+
1.25.06 – 8:00p – Gypsy Tea Room – Dallas, TX – 17+
1.26.06 – 7:00p – Cactus Cafe – Austin, TX – All Ages
1.28.06 – 8:30p – Trilogy – Boulder, CO – 21+
1.29.06 – 9:00p – Club 8150 – Vail, CO – 21+
1.30.06 – 8:00p – Aggie Theatre – Fort Collins, CO – All Ages
1.31.06 – 7:00p – Bluebird Theatre – Denver, CO – 21+
2.01.06 – 8:00p – Suede – Park City, UT – 21+
2.02.06 – 8:00p – The Crossroads @ The House of Blues – Las Vegas, NV – All Ages
2.03.06 – 8:00p – The Coach House – San Juan Capistrano, CA – All Ages
2.04.06 – 8:00p – The Troubador -? West Hollywood, CA – All Ages
2.05.06 – 7:30p – The Casbah – San Diego, CA – 21+
2.07.06 – 7:00p – SoHo – Santa Barbara, CA – All Ages
2.08.06 – 7:30p – The Independent – San Francisco, CA – 21+
2.10.06 – 7:00p – Aladdin Theatre – Portland, OR – All Ages
2.11.06 – 7:00p – The Triple Door – Seattle, WA – All Ages
2.14.06 – 7:00p – The Fine Line – Minneapolis, MN – 18+
2.15.06 – 8:00p – The Double Door – Chicago, IL – 21+
2.16.06 – 8:00p – The Blind Pig – Ann Arbor, MI – 18+
2.19.06 – 7:00p – Premier Music Hall – Danbury, CT – All Ages
2.21.06 – 7:00p – World Cafe Live – Philadelphia, PA – All Ages
2.23.06 – 6:30p – Kimball Theatre – Williamsburg, VA – All Ages
2.24.06 – 7:00p – The Birchmere – Alexandria, VA – All Ages
2.25.06 – 7:00p – Mr. Small’s – Millvale, PA – 21+?

Jeez, I’m tired just TYPING all those shows. Should be a great time – Duncan’s been kind enough to let me ride along on his bus (no, he doesn’t drive a ‘White Limousine’ – see how I just cross-promoted his new single?).??I’ll get to play in a lot of cities for the first time, so I’m hopin’ to spread my musical gospel and gain some converts.


I have a limited (and varying) number of tickets available each night, depending on the city. If you, or someone you think wants to be converted, are in or near any of these towns and you’d like to come out, I may be able to hook you up – or as they say? – “put you on the list.” If this appeals to your? . . . well, let’s face it, your inner cheapskate, here’s what to do:

*?DON’T SEND ME AN EMAIL – I’m really not sure how much access to any of my email accounts I’ll have on the road (no, I don’t have a laptop, stop acting superior), so please don’t add to the overwhelming pile of email I’m going to have to wade through when I get back – the porn site ads, on-line pharmacy ads and the emails from guys who are heir to the throne of some third-world country and are willing to share their fortune with me if I just give them my bank account info will be plenty to read, thank you.

* Go to My MySpace space. Hey, you’ve been meaning to do that anyway, right? After you’re done checking it out, click on “Send Message” in the “Contacting Jim Boggia” section.?

* Send me a MySpace message: Tell me your name, the city and date you’d like to come to and anything else you might like me to know about yourself and your plight to see, hear and experience live music. Those of you who are smart-asses and are saying “how come you can check MySpace but you can’t check you’re email” – that attitude is not going to help you get tickets.

If you’re not already a MySpace member, why not sign up and become “my friend.” It’s all the rage and, among other things (which escape me at the moment) my MySpace friends have been privy to some unreleased music that gets put up on the page occasionally.

Oh – and don’t “Post a Comment” about this – the world doesn’t want to hear about how you want free tickets. Messages only, please.


You must meet the age requirements of the particular show you want to attend. Other than that, there aren’t any, really. This is not a contest, the number of tickets vary for each city, the selection process is to a large degree arbitrary and I’m open to being bribed as much as Tom DeLay. If you have an Indian casino that you’d like to cut me in for a share of, you will probably get the tickets. If you are willing to push a bill through Congress that gives financial aid to singer/songwriters, you will probably get the tickets. I would say speed is probably your friend on this one, but besides that . . . it’s anarchy.

That’s it, I have to go pack. I hope to see a lot of you there.



Goldhawk Bar – Hoboken, NJ – 1.11.06 – 8p

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A quick, late-breaking notice about a show THIS WEDNESDAY (1.11.06) at The Goldhawk in Hoboken, NJ.

The Goldhawk is one of the places where they do it right in terms of live music. Comfy sofas, intimate atmo and people who really care about the music. I know this is late notice, but c’mon, whaddya have to do on Wednesday night?

NEW YORKERS – The Goldhawk is just a quick and easy 10 minutes subway ride from the city and since I won’t be playing NYC until March, I’d love to see some Gothamites at the show.

The Recap:
Wednesday, 1.11.06 – 8p
The Goldhawk
936 Park Avenue – Hoboken, NJ
The Goldhawk


FREE Parking (up to 5 hrs w/ validation) at Impark Parking (15th and Park Ave.)


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