‘Misadventures in Stereo’ available at last on August 5th!

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What can I say? A week from today it’s finally here – ‘Misadventures in Stereo’ hits shelves both virtual and real.

This record took a while (I will pause as you all make a snarky comment along the lines of “what else is new?” Is this really the time for that kind of attitude?). It wasn’t so much a matter of a long time in the studio as it was a long time waiting to have the right songs, the right places to record, the right musicians and the right frame of mind to make something I would be excited about. I’m happy to say that, at the very least, I feel like the wait was worth it.

I’ll be posting stuff about the songs, musicians and sessions (and mastering at Abbey Road!) on the blog in the days to come, but the main point is:

I’m really excited for you to hear it.

So, next Tuesday, you can fire up your computer and head on over to iTunes and get the sounds.

Or, for those of you who like to have a bit of a visual experience to go with your aural consumption, you may want to go to to purchase what could be the last CD you’ll ever buy. I have to say I’m really pleased with the artwork this time around and the CD contains my usual unusual version of liner notes, a new literary form I’m now referring to as the “Liner Novella”, so you really might want to own more than just “files”.

And if you’re feeling really 1990s, the CD will be in many of the few independent record stores we have left. I actually highly encourage you to seek it out in one of these places and help support people who are really getting squeezed and have absolutely no other reason to still be in the business other than their love of music.

This music is NOT available at Wal-Mart or any of the other big boxes that don’t give a toss about music or music lovers – screw ’em.

I hope you all love the record as much as I do.


It’s true. After 56 years in the music business I am FINALLY doing what I’ve been trying to make happen since I was 4 – releasing an LP on vinyl.

I’ve been listening to the test pressing for about a week now and I’ve got to tell you I’m floored. THIS IS HOW IT’S SUPPOSED TO SOUND.

To make the vinyl listening experience even more special, I went back and re-mixed the album specifically for the mono version. What this means to you, dear listeners, is that instead of just “collapsing” the stereo mixes into one channel, THESE MIXES ARE DIFFERENT. So, if you’re familiar with the stereo version you will notice things that are unique to the mono version and vice versa.


Okay, I’m not explaining this very well. Just imagine you’re listening and suddenly realize ” hey, I never heard THAT vocal part before” or “didn’t the acoustic guitar come in HERE in the stereo version?”. I used to spend hours and days going back and forth between mono and stereo versions of records listening for the little differences and would always get a thrill each time I found one. Now you can do it, too.

It may be going a bit too far to say that THIS is what I consider to be the REAL version of ‘Misadventures in Stereo’ but since going a bit too far is kind of my stock in trade:

THIS is what I consider to be the REAL version of ‘Misadventures in Stereo’.

If you don’t own a turntable, find one.


Aw, NYC – you didn’t think I forgot about you, did ya?

Packing up the big tent with the full 11 piece band and trying to find space for all three rings of our audio circus on the swanky stage at Joe’s Pub. Unless dollars start falling from the sky (and, specifically, landing in my pocket) this may be the last appearance of the big 11 piece band. I’m telling you they’re a thing to behold and New York – this is your chance to hear them.

The Recap:
Tuesday, 8.12.08 – 7:30p
Joe’s Pub
425 Lafayette Street – NYC

21+. $12.


Dropping in on our TV friends Bill and Lori for another exciting episode of the 10! Show. How exciting? There’s an exclamation point in the title of the show and FCC regulations regarding punctuation are not to be taken lightly. A nice bonus is that Steve Coogan will be on he show. He’s hilarious and gave one of my favorite performances as Tony Wilson in 24 Hour Party People a few years back, so that should be 7/8ths of the FCC required excitement right there,

I’m planning on bringing out some extra musical muscle for this
performance, so tune in to see which musicians get up early enough to
make it.

WHY NOT COME IN PERSON? 10! gets some of it’s excitement from a real
live audience. Whatcha doing Friday morning? You’re real, you’re live and, most importantly, you know the tunes so get tix (they’re free) and sing along.

The Recap:
Friday, 8.01.08 – 10a
10! SHOW
WCAU-TV, NBC10 – Philadelphia

Call 877-713-1010 for your FREE tickets or use the link below.

Be on TV. It’s FREE.



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This is it. The big bash. The coming out party for the new sounds of ‘Misadventures in Stereo’ (available in stereo and mono – on CD and vinyl).

The new songs and even some of the old will be conjured up live with the 11 piece band that’s too good to last, so you best be catching them now.**

It all takes place at World Cafe Live, where the stage is big and the sound is great and the folks are friendly and the booze is served with smiles.

My good friend, former housemate and former bandmate (and future labelmate?) Ben Arnold has graciously agreed to kick the night off with a set by his always great band, so there’s really no reason to be anywhere else, and absolutely nowhere else to be reasonable.

This is the show to come to see. It is the ‘Perfect Storm’ of shows, but without any corollary to that really bad scene where George Clooney talks about being “a goddam riverboat captain.” In fact, there is no corollary to ANY part of that movie, that’s not the ‘Perfect Storm’ I’m talking about.

The new album. The 11 piece band. World Cafe Live. Ben Arnold. You and all your friends. THAT’S the ‘Perfect Storm’ I’m talking about. Even if George Clooney shows up at all*, I promise he’ll do something from ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’ instead, so we’ll all be safe.

The Recap:
Wednesday, 8.06.08 – 7:30p
World Cafe Live
3025 Walnut Street – Philadelphia, PA

Ben Arnold starts the night rolling.

ALL-AGES. Check the link below for ticket prices and info.

Get your tix:

* In no way constitutes a promise, either stated or implied, of an appearance by George Clooney, The Cohen Brothers, employees of Warner Brothers Pictures or their relatives. Ben Arnold WILL appear.

** In every way constitutes a reality, applicable everywhere throughout the known universe (I got that phrase my my record contract), that nothing lasts, nothing good EVER lasts, and things as good as this 11 piece band are lucky to have ever existed in the first place, so don’t miss it. Ben Arnold WILL appear.

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