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No Comments 15 November 2009

What Know, Hipsters?

It’s happened again. The rug has been pulled out from under us all and we’ve been plunged into afternoon darkness for months to come. All in the name of letting us plant our crops, or some such anachronistic nonsense. Seems some countries are actually considering entering into modern times and scrapping “standard” time altogether. I say let’s join them. Who’s with me? DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME RULES! YOU CAN’T MAKE PROGRESS BY FALLING BACK!

Well, if it has to be nighttime starting at 4p, I guess that gives us time to put on a few evening shows. Here’s what’s coming up:

TUESDAY, 11.24.09 – 8P

Hey, I hear what you’re saying: “Um, Brooklyn, Jim? Have you grown an ironic mustache that curls up at the edges? Did you buy a new pair of skinny jeans? Are you fronting a band and standing at the microphone playing a floor tom instead of guitar?” Well, as it turns out, the answer to each of these questions is “No”, which means I’m actually quite nervous about playing in Brooklyn being absolutely devoid of any hipster armor whatsoever.

Southpaw is actually a great room. It is also a BIG room. So, sincerely, if you can make it out and bring some folks or even send that performance artist friend you knew in college out to the show, I would be “geeked” or “stoked” or “?” – let’s go with truly appreciative.

The Recap:
Tuesday, 11.24.09 – 8p
125 Fifth Avenue – Brooklyn, NY
$10. 18+.

The monthly ‘Acoustically Related’ night hosted by Sari Schorr. Doors at 8p. Show at 8:30p. Leslie Mendelson and Benyaro open. More info here .

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