Steel City, Mad Dogs and Dominos and JAPAN

Happy 2013 Everybody!

Hope yours is off to a roaring start. Got a bunch of stuff to tell you about, so let’s get right to it.

2.02.13 – 8p
Steel City – Phoenixville, PA

My first show of 2013, a year which will not see very many US Jim Boggia shows, so get yours while they last.

Continuing the tradition of openers you’ll want to make sure you come early for will be one of Philadelphia’s fastest rising up-and-comers, Katie Frank. Gorgeous voice and winning tunes, and getting a fair amount of love from WXPN these days.

Speaking of which, WXPN is sponsoring the show, so a big thanks to them for that.

More words and tix here.

2.01.13 – 7:30p
Highline Ballroom – NYC

This is going to be a very cool night of music.

Mad Dogs and Dominos celebrates the musical legacy of the core group of musicians that in the late ’60s/early ’70s worked together in various combinations in several legendary groups: Delaney and Bonnie, Joe Cocker’s Mad Dogs and Englishmen, Derek and the Dominos, early solo albums by George Harrsion and Billy Preston, and Leon Russell (who started as a sideman in some of these groups and wound up having a career of his own).

I just tried to write something even remotely concise about the band that’s been put together to play this show. It’s impossible. This is the who’s who/creme de la creme of NY sidemen (and women) and session players. Their collective credits make my jaw drop. For some reason (I think it might be my hair), they’ve included me and I’m thrilled.

So, you know, c’mon out!

Get Tix.

2.09.13 – The Cluracan – Koenji, Tokyo
2.10.13 – Verde – Suwa, Nagano
2.11.13 – club WONDER – Osaka, Osaka
2.13.13 – Mokkiriya – Kanazawa, Ishikawa
2.14.13 – Freaky Show – Shizuoka, Shizuoka
2.16.13 – Cafe Goatee – Kamakura, Kanagawa
2.17.13 – Cafe Goatee – Kamakura, Kanagawa

I really can’t believe that I’m going back to Japan for my FIFTH tour in just a little over two years! And I’m doubly excited because this time I’ll be joined by my good friend, Pete Donnelly.

I am so grateful to all of my Japanese fans for being so supportive and having me back again and again, and also to my Japanese promoter, Keiji Matsumoto, for making it all happen. THANK YOU!

I suspect if you’re in Japan reading this and are actually able to come to the shows, the details might be better if they were in Japanese. For folks who fit that description, details and ticket ordering information written in Japanese are available here

For my Japanese language-challenged fans, I’ve taken the text from the Japanese page and converted it. Yes, it’s time for another hilarious episode of:

‘Fun With Google Translate!’

Jim Bojia which is Japan’s (!), The fifth time why I have not yet after only about two years from the first visit to Japan in winter 2010 without any story I? “- I do not that Nikki came a little too” but can not,,,

Have realized that it is in precisely because there are our customers please do visit the live iteration gym is me showing off always live feel also, it is! “want to watch” In addition our audience is from.

Of course the music itself gym is great, excellent, also cover paying out at odd moments guitar technique, to the extent said! “or play up there alone while singing” When the gym friendly, and Konashi play well and ukulele piano also performance personality has overflowed, So they are live that anyone and everyone can be happy the quality of consent.

And this time I am visiting, along with Pete Donnelly ally rather than a solo how!

Pete member of the rock and roll band The Figgs that squid winning activity that spans 25 years is (vocals / bass), now (from the New York State) dated 2005, Jim lives in Philadelphia as well as Jim. ” “glanced, Safe in Sound in the 2008 film “to Misadventures in Stereo” is, participate fully as a musician / engineer he has deepen a friendship while also co-starred in the live and restless.

Graham Parker, G.Love, Mike Viola & The Candy Butchers etc. In addition to the activities with his own band , or to play with them and participate in the work of a wide range of types of musicians also, in 2007, at that time dormant NRBQ joined as bassist Terry Adams was led to “Terry Adams Rock’n Roll Quartet”, in 2011 they decided to call themselves “NRBQ” new members and intact in the fall of 2009, and the visit to Japan as a member of made, is Pete became a member of NRBQ that it longing of many years in the gym that is. From NRBQ was fall out in September 2012 and the balance of its activity difficult unfortunately, released a solo album “When You Come Home” will be the first at the end of 2011, the last year of The Figgs , is also the 25th anniversary of organized tours and a solo work in production for the next still, while also very active.

But may ask the breadth swing from career on, and can be refined when Dattari Pop Dattari boned , also a songwriter excellent with a sense of balance exquisite Also, only a little bit soulful and powerful enchanting vocals (the pot shop owner Goatee exactly that) sweet.

Why are not you one after another female fans become hooked on its sweet mask on this tour…