Hi Everyone! I’ve got a show coming up THIS FRIDAY at Steel City and I’m announcing a couple of shows in DC and NYC at the end of the month (both with Miles Zuniga of Fastball). Details on both are below, so make sure you read to the end! But before I get to that, I am very excited to finally be able to tell you all about the following:


If you’re reading this (you are reading this, right?) you’re probably already aware of my now 2 year+ obsession with the ukulele. And while I’ve been playing more uke at shows and working behind the scenes on a ukulele lp, I’ve also been looking for a platform where I can have the focus be just on the uke pieces I’m working up and build a community of fans for my uke work while getting some support along the way as well. I’m very happy to announce that I think I’ve discovered it. The platform is called Patreon. Do I need to say more? If I don’t need to say more, click here now. If I do, keep reading! Patreon is a bit like Kickstarter, but instead of trying to raise large amounts of money, all at once, to fund some big project, Patreon lets people pledge small amounts on a recurring basis to help support ongoing creative projects. Okay, ready to check it out? Yes: click here. No: Keep reading! What I’ll be doing with my Patreon campaign is creating new ukulele videos every couple of weeks. I’ll be posting them on YouTube and they will be free for everyone, but Patreon allows you to throw some support behind the effort. This will help keep me motivated (okay, I don’t really need to be motivated to play the uke, but keep reading), and will also help provide a budget to make the videos look and sound as good as they can, plus I can carry out some crazy ideas I have involving props and costumes and guest stars and … well, you could find out more about it by going here. Whoa, do you still need more incentive to go visit Okay, what if I told you that if you check it out you’ll not only find a much more humorously written and informative description of my Patreon campaign BUT ALSO get to watch my introduction video that is even more entertaining than the written description, which itself is more entertaining than this emailer. Um … there’s also a list of rewards that you’ll receive in exchange for your support. What if I told you it would mean an awful lot to me if you’d check it out and consider contributing? Yes? THANK YOU! I really am excited about this and hope that you’ll want to be a part of it. If you’d like to be even more enormously helpful, also sharing the link or the video on Facebook, Twitter, and the like (you can skip Friendster) would be massively helpful. Let the UkeTubing begin!


Returning to my musical home with a predictably unpredictable collection of singing and talking and guitar-ing and uke-ing. Come out early for The End of America, who I saw recently and they blew me away. I’ll be bringing my A game as well. Don’t miss it! The Recap: Friday, 09.05.14 – 8p JIM BOGGIA Steel City 203 Bridge Street – Phoenixville, PA 610.933.4043 ALL-AGES. BYOB. The End of America opens. Get tix.


09.29.14 – Jammin’ Java – Vienna, VA – Get Tix. 10.01.14 – Rockwood 3 – NYC – Get Tix.

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