Listening to NRBQ


We started dating during Watergate.

We would stay up late

trashing Nixon.

Showed you my collection of vinyl sides

- LPs and 45s -

my addiction.

Even though it started out with a bang

things got much better when

you took me back to your parent's

in their basement den.

And yours were stacked floor-to-ceiling

covering every wall.

Then we made out a little.

Later that night I drove around with you

listening to NRBQ.

I had a charger with a big V8.

That mother started great.

Yeah, it hauled ass.

It had an after-market stereo

with FM radio

and an 8Track.

And together we would ride side-by-side

that year all summer long

and we'd turn on each other to our favorite songs.

And we'd sing out loud

with the windows rolled down

and your head on my shoulder.

And every night I'd drive around with you

listening to NRBQ.

All summer long - driving around with you

listening to NRBQ.

Got us tickets on your birthday

for a show in Detroit

and we drove four hours one-way.

When we got there we sat down in front

and started to kiss.

And then Terry took a solo and it went like this:

And now I'm older with a wife and kid.

Won't believe what I did

with my vinyl.

Put it on eBay and sold all of it

and though I regret it

"All Sales Final".

But every now and then you pop in my head

and it brings me a smile

and yeah, I still miss that Charger every once in a while.

Though I wouldn't change a thing about the life I have now

you know I still keep your picture.

And I remember driving 'round with you

listening to NRBQ.

All summer long - driving around with you

listening to NRBQ.

I wonder know if you remember, too

all the things we'd do

listening to NRBQ.

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