I was told by you

I was the problem.

Now, with someone new,

it's all been solved.

I bought your song

but now - so long.

There's nothing wrong with me.

I came back to life

when I decided

lose the constant strife

that you provided.

Now I'm strong,

so run along.

There's nothing wrong with me.

I ain't saying I'm the easiest guy in the world to live with.

I ain't saying I'm incapable of doing something wrong.

But what I'm saying is now I've been given some understanding.

Somebody recognizes my good intentions

without throwing all my motives up for constant re-invention.

You - Forget my name

and my existence.

I will do the same

and say "good riddance."

Now we're through

and Wow! It's true.

It all was you

(so whoop-de-do!)

There's nothing wrong with me.

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