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LA, Philly, NYC : Coming Up

No Comments 24 July 2002

Hey Everyone,

First off, I want to say a big thanks to all of you who came out last
Tuesday to my show at CB’s Gallery in NYC, and to all the folks who saw
4 Way Street perform at last weekend’s WXPN Singer Songwriter Festival.
Both gigs were a blast.

Lots of stuff coming up, here’s a brief preview:

Well, all good things must come to an end. I’ve had an amazing run of
shows in LA this year, beyond what I could have hoped. I’m going back to
play one more, but then I’m afraid the trans-continental tour bus will
be in the shop for a while. I hope all my new and old LA friends can
make it out one more time to GENGHIS COHEN on TUESDAY, JULY 30TH
(7.30.02) at 8:30p (NOTE: This is a re-scheduled date. I am NOT playing
on the 25th, sorry for any inconvenience, confusion or nausea). This
will be my farewell Los Angeles tour, in much the same way that the Who
started doing farewell tours back in the ’80s (which is to say, about
every two or three years). So yes, I will be back LA, but this is going
to be the last one for a while.

Another couple of months go by, another show at THE POINT. This has
become my absolute fave venue in Philadelphia and not just because it’s
named after an early ’70s animated film with music by Harry Nilsson.
This time, I’m only going to play a single show, so you may want to
order tix in advance. Sadly, because I basically have no time, there’s
no giveaway CD for advance ticket purchasers. This is when I find out if
you really love me, or you’ve just been using me for free drink coasters
all these shows. Oh, would you like to know when it is? SATURDAY, AUGUST
3RD (8.3.02) at 9p. My friend Kyler England opens.

On the heels of a truly special night at CB’s Gallery, I tempt fate and
try it again. I’ll be back at CB’s GALLERY on THURSDAY, AUGUST 15TH
(8.15.02) at 8p. My recent shows in NYC have been important ones for me,
and I thank everyone for coming out and showing support. This will be my
first show after seeing my tax attorney, so please pay cash at the door.
Um, that last comment was just a joke, particularly if any of you on my
list work for the IRS, who are, of course, really fine, upstanding
citizens who do great work for this wonderful country of ours and
deserve all the gratitude and goodwill that we can muster up for them as
they dutifully perform their . . . um. . . duties. GO IRS!!!!

Perhaps we should recap:

The Recap:

Tuesday, 7.30.02 – 8:30p
Genghis Cohen
740 N. Fairfax Avenue – Los Angeles, CA

Saturday, 8.3.02 – 9p
The Point
880 W. Lancaster Ave. – Bryn Mawr, PA

with Kyler England

Advance tix available at the Point or on the web at: www.ticketweb.com

Thursday, 8.15.02 – 8p
CB’s 313 Gallery
313 Bowery – NYC

Thanks as always for the support. Hope to see you soon.


(go irs!)


Los Angeles, Back again

No Comments 17 June 2002

Hi All,

Gladys Knight said “LA proved to much for the man”. Hey, I feel sorry
for the guy and everything but, you know, I’ve got my own career to look

So, while the man is leaving on that midnight train to Georgia, I will,
without so much as a layover in Cleveland, be leaving (Philadelphia) on
that 1:10 plane TO Los Angeles.

While I’m there, I’ll be playing another show at Genghis Cohen. The show
is NEXT (not this) Wednesday (6.26.02) at 9p.

If you have been kind enough to come see one of my previous shows at
Genghis, I hope you can make it out again. Please help spread the word,
because plane tickets to LA are, well, more expensive than train tickets
to the South (particularly those leaving late at night).

If it makes any difference to ya, I’ll be playing a couple of new songs.

The Recap:
Wednesday, 6.26.02 : 9p
Jim Boggia
Genghis Cohen
740 N. Fairfax Ave. : Los Angeles, CA

Really looking forward to it.


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