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4WS : NYC : 9.6.02

No Comments 04 September 2002

(Ben Arnold, Jim Boggia, Scott Bricklin & Joseph Parsons)

comes back to NYC this Friday (9.6.02) for a show at the
incredibly cool JOE’S PUB.  Doors are at 6p, our good friend
Mike Dutton
will start things off at 7p and we’ll be on not too long after that.

4 Way Street is going to be taking about a 2 month hiatus soon,
and this
will be our last 4 Way Street show in NYC until at least
Landing a gig at Joe’s Pub is a pretty big deal, so we’re really
to see as many of our friends and fans out as possible; from
Philly to
NYC and all points in-between.

Here comes the part that stings a little bit:

The show is $12. Ouch.

BUT WAIT!! We want to make you this incredible offer!  Not only
will we
provide AT LEAST a solid $13.50 worth of entertainment value at
Pub that night, we’ll also GET YOU IN AT HALF PRICE.

Here’s how it works.  Send an email to
terry.tompkins2@verizon.net before
NOON this Thursday (9.5.02) and tell him you know a bargain
when you see
one and you figure half price is at least a 37% savings and you
want in.

Then, when you come to Joe’s Pub on Friday evening, tell the
human at the
door your name and say “I’m on the 4 Way Street Fan List”.  Not
List, Fan List.  When you do, the person at the door will be
impressed and only ask you for $6 instead of the $12 he’s
asking from
the unfortunate fellow coming in behind you who never signed
up on our
mailing list.

So, again:
* email terry.tompkins2@verizon.net before NOON this
* leave your first and last name in the email.
* Come to Joe’s Pub on Friday (doors open at 6p).
* Tell the door human your name and say “I’m on the 4 Way
Street Fan List.”
* Save $6.
* Enjoy the show.

We all really hope that getting you in at half price helps you out.
See you there (maybe buy that guy who paid $12 a drink).

The Recap:
Friday, 9.6.02 – 7p (Doors at 6p)
Joe’s Pub
425 Lafayette Street – NYC

Mike Dutton opens the show.



Boggia & 4WS : Next week

No Comments 27 September 2001

Hey Brothers and Sisters,

First off, a really big “thank you” to everyone who came out to either
the Dawson Street Pub sing along last Saturday or the big band gig at
the Grape Street Pub this past Tuesday. Both gigs were a great time for
all involved, so thanks.

Coming up next week, three very different shows:

Tuesday, 10.2.01: 4 Way Street returns to open up for the Waterboys at
the TLA (that’s the Theatre of the Living Arts for the acronyminally
challenged). Please sit down. Tickets are $25. Are you okay? Alright,
think of it this way: $25 / 2 (number of acts) $12.50 per act. $12.50 /
4 (number of members in 4 Way Street) $3.12 per member. Now, since I
personally GUARANTEE to deliver a solid $3.50 worth of entertainment to
all who choose to attend, you may actually MAKE money coming to this
gig. Then again, you may not. So, . . .

Wednesday, 10.3.01: I’ll be playing at Grass Roots in Manayunk as part
of their inaugural night of music (that’s their first night of music,
for the vocabularily challenged). Please stand up. It’s FREE. You’ll, of
course, want to bring some money for snacks, coffee and perhaps a
charitable contribution to the musicians (Ben Arnold’s also performing
and let me tell you this: we aren’t the ones reaping the profits from
that $25 ticket at the TLA). It’s early (7p to 9p) and it’s ALL AGES.
Then again, Wednesday may be your bowling night, so . . .

Thursday, 10.4.01: I’ll be back at Bobby G’s for the monthly Ben and Jim
show, this time sans Ben Arnold (that’s without Ben Arnold, for those of
you who had trouble with inaugural in the last paragraph). My special
guest will be Robert Matarazzo, a wonderfully talented Singer/Songwriter
who I will torture by refusing to let him use reverb.

Monday, Friday, and Saturday you’re on your own.

The Recap (is anyone sill reading?):

Tuesday, 10.2.01 : 8p
Theatre of the Living Arts (TLA)
334 South Street : Philadelphia, PA

4 WAY STREET (Jim Boggia, Scott Bricklin, Ben Arnold, Joseph Parsons)
opening for the Waterboys (Mike Scott, um, a bunch of other guys).

Wednesday, 10.3.01 : 7p
Grass Roots
110 Cotton Street : Manayunk, PA

Jim Boggia and Ben Arnold.

Thursday, 10.4.01 : 10p
Bobby G’s
6800 Ridge Avenue

Jim Boggia w/ special guest Robert Matarazzo.


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