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Boggia For Sale

No Comments 30 May 2001

Not since the release of the Milli Vanilli Anthology box set have so
many yearned so long in anguished anticipation for an album to be made
available for purchase.

Yearn no more.

Extinguish your anguish.

There’s dissipation for your anticipation.

After exhaustive negotiations (excerpt –
Me: Um, do you want to sell these?
Pat: Yeah, alright.) I have reached agreement with my dear friends at
Main Street Music in Manayunk to distribute my mildly anticipated debut
album,’Fidelity is the Enemy.’

Main Street Music in Manayunk will be the EXCLUSIVE retail source for
‘Fidelity is the Enemy’ through at least 6.15.01, the date of my RECORD
RELEASE PARTY at the North Star Bar (8:30p – details to follow).

Reasons to buy ‘Fidelity is the Enemy’
* Kid Rock does not appear on any song.
* Jill Sobule does.
* It’s only 46 minutes long, so you can get quickly back to listening to
music you like more, like Kid Rock.
* There are bound to be plenty of lawsuits, so get it now while it’s
still available.
* I could use the bread.

Reasons to buy from Main Street Music:
* There’s no other place to get it, unless you come to a show.
* You can avoid having to go to a show.
* The Kid Rock section of Main Street Music is mercifully small.
* They could use the bread.

So, that’s it. Stop crying to me about when can you buy the record. I
hope you will like it.

‘Fidelity is the Enemy’ – Collect them all, trade with your friends.


Preview the record!:

Shows, Radio/TV appearances, Webcasts – The schedule:

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Bricklin and a bunch of others:


Boggia – Sometimes there’s Shows in April

No Comments 04 April 2001

Hey Cats and Kittens,

This month I package myself up in three different boxes and jump on the
shelf of live music in hopes that you might put me in your shopping cart
of audiencial love.

First up, another wild night tomorrow (4.5.01) with me and Ben Arnold
upstairs at Bobby G’s. What more can be said about our Thursday nights
at Bobby’s that you haven’t already read in the Police Blotter section
of the newspaper? Um, not much. Come out – you’ll have fun.

Next Friday, no NOT two days from now, that’s this Friday, NEXT Friday
(4.13.01) I appear with everybody’s favorite new Manayunk Supergroup – 4
Way Street (that’s me, Ben, Joseph Parsons and Scott Bricklin) at the
Temperance House in Newtown. I don’t really know where that is, but
someone’s picking me up and driving me so I’m not worried about it.

If you’d like to hear a sample of what you’ll be hearing there, call
WXPN during either Michaela’s or Helen’s shows and ask them to play one
of the live 4 Way Street selections from our North Star throwdown. I
know how helpful it would be for me to include ‘XPN’s phone number here,
but I’m already running so late you wouldn’t believe it (I’m still
trying to finish 1993) and you probably know it anyway.

Finally, remember when I used to have a band that played my songs with
me? Well freshen your memory Thursday, April 19th (4.19.01) at the Grape
Street Pub. Not only will I be there with my band (Mike Frank, Erik
Johnson, Kevin Hanson and Scott Bricklin), but Kevin and Erik will do
double duty and be joined by Jim Stager for a Kevin Hanson set. AND our
friends from way back when, the Electric Farm are returning and Mike
will probably jump up onstage with them, so how could you miss this?

Finally, The Recap:
Thursday, April, 5, 2001 – 10p
Bobby G’s – Roxborough, PA
6800 Ridge Avenue
with Surprises

Friday, April 13, 2001
The Temperance House – Newtown. PA
511 South State Street
with Bob Lowerey

Thursday, April 19, 2001 – 10p
Grape Street Pub – Manayunk, PA
105 Grape Street
with The Electric Farm and Kevin Hanson

April. It’s Thrice the Fun! (TM)

BTW, My scheduled April 16th at the Bitter End in nyc has been postponed
due to the fact that then I would have four gigs in April and I spent a
lot of money on “Thrice the Fun” t-shirts and bumper stickers.

Remember, you can do this everyday!

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