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Harrisongs: A Celebration of the Life and Music of George Harrison

No Comments 07 December 2001

Dear Friends,

Last Friday morning, we awoke to find a part of our lives missing from
the world.

The news was broken to me by a friend I was staying with in New York. We
turned on the TV and found our old friend, young and smiling and all of 20. It
was 5AM, the news had broken less than a half hour before.
Switching channels, VH1 already had a special playing, complete with an
intro about “George’s last performance.” I shuddered as I realized it
had already been recorded, probably months ago, waiting for this moment.

Later that morning, I debated about going to Strawberry Fields in
Central Park. First I left my friend’s apartment, guitar in hand. Then,
I went back, dropped off the guitar, and left again. 2 blocks later, I
went back once more, grabbed the guitar and finally headed out to the
Park. I’m not really sure why it was so confusing, I had been playing
the songs all morning. I had been playing the songs all my life.

I went not knowing what to expect and not knowing if I would play or
not. When I got there, three guys with guitars stood at the benches,
surrounded by what had to have been a couple hundred people. I asked if
I could join them, but it was of course a pointless question. Of course I could
play; we all could.

For the next 3 hours or so, I watched this group of total strangers
connect with one another, make eye contact with one another, smile at
one another, all sharing a love for George and his music. On this sad
day, this beautiful coming together and opening up of people to one
another, dropping the barriers we carry with us through so much of our
daily lives. In that moment I realized the true genius of George
Harrison, the true gift of the Beatles, and the true importance of music
in our lives.

I have been asked to put together a night of music celebrating George
Harrison at the Tin Angel on Thursday, 12.20.01 at 8:30p. Like that day
in Central Park, I will be playing his music with others. On that night,
others will include both friends I know and people who are friends only because
I know they loved George and his music, too. These include:
Scott Bricklin, Mike Brenner, Roger Cox, Jay Davidson, Amber de Laurentis, John
Faye, Kevin Hanson, Hoagy, Cliff Hillis, John Montagna
and The Trouble with Sweeney. It’s a good bet that by the evening of the
20th, it will include a host more.

If you have also loved George and his music, I hope this night will give
you a chance to celebrate that love and joy. Proceeds will benefit George’s
selected charities.

The Recap:
Thursday, 12.20.01 8:30p
Harrisongs: A Celebration of the Life and Music of George Harrison
The TIn Angel
20 S.2nd Street : Philadelphia, PA

Thank you. I hope you can make it.



Philadelphia Weekly: Ex-Hooter Spotted on Roof of HMV, Refuses to Jump

No Comments 03 February 1999

Thirty years ago Saturday, the Beatles lugged a bunch of their instruments and
Billy Preston onto the roof of Apple Studios for their last public performance.
Immortalized in the movie Let It Be, footage of the Fab Four performing four songs
(three of which they repeated to get the sound right) was spliced together with
clips of the band painfully working on what became the album of the same name.

A few weeks ago, knowing this anniversary was coming up, Ultrasound’s Jim
Boggia “an absolute Beatles freak” called up some friends and suggested
that they get together on a roof somewhere to commemorate the Beatles’ final
gig. He enlisted bandmate Roger Cox as Ringo Starr, former Hooter Eric Bazilian
as George Harrison, Scott Bricklin as Paul McCartney and Mike Frank as Billy Preston. (Boggia assumed the role of John Lennon.)

“Up until a couple days ago, we didn’t even have a roof to do this on,” Boggia said from atop HMV Records, where they wound up performing the afternoon of January 30. (They got the clearance to do so from L&I at the last hour.) “It had to be today,” Boggia said. “It had to be historically accurate, down to the false start on ‘I Dig a Pony.'”

Exactly like the Beatles’ last hurrah, the makeshift group kicked out lively renditions of ‘Get Back,’ ‘Don’t Let Me Down,’ ‘I’ve Got a Feeling’ and ‘I Dig a Pony.’

“It was a lot more fun than Live Aid,” said Bazilian, who added that he spent several hours on the phone with Boggia the night before to get the songs right. But unlike that cold, fateful day in London when the Beatles hung it up, this time the cops showed up, stopped, looked around and just kept on moving.

– Collin Keefe

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