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Milkboy Philly, Rockwood NYC and Radio Galore!

No Comments 30 January 2012

Happy Belated New Year!

Wow, it’s been a while since I last invaded your inboxes – how’s your 2012 going?

Things really started to pick up at the end of last year in my musical world: Playing the ‘White Album’ with the Fab Faux in LA; embarking on my third tour of Japan (will it ever stop being amazing? I doubt it); discovering the über-young, ultra-incredible fingerstyle guitarist Sandra Bae and having her open for me at an insane end-of-year show at Steel City; dropping in to play some holiday tunes for ‘The Treasure of Philadelphia’, Helen Leicht, for her WXPN Holiday Show; played more shows with the Faux in NJ, Chicago and NYC and had the best NYC show in years at the Rockwood.

Kept it all going this year with another great night at the Rockwood, then striking my lead electric guitar poses with rich pagano and the sugarCane cups, followed by a trip to LA to play for my good friends and fine folks at Line 6 at the NAMM show. So thankful to have so many great opportunities to play and share my music with people. Thank you all.

And there’s even more . . .

WEDNESDAY, 02.01.12

Here’s two words that always bring a smile to my face: Pete Donnelly. Love his playing, his songwriting and his spirit. He’s got a great new album out called ‘When You Get Home’ that will return your investment of disposable income in spades (full disclosure: I sing on a couple tracks, but I don’t even think about that while I’m loving listening to it) and he’s in the midst of a six week residency at Milkboy Philly (that’s the one in Philly, see what they did there?) to promote it.

This Wednesday (02.01.12) is Week Two, and I’m so happy to be a part of it. I’ll be playing a set and then joining Pete later for his set. In between, we will both join Terry Adams from NRBQ (as is Pete, but you knew that) for a set.

I am out of my mind excited to be playing with Terry – this will be a 2012 highlight for me.

Come out and share the good music and good vibes.

The Recap:
Wednesday, 02.01.12 – 9p
Milkboy Philly
1100 Chestnut Street – Philadelphia, PA
$10. 21+
Buy Tix

FRIDAY, 02.03.12

I’ve got my own ‘First Friday’ residency going on at the Rockwood in NYC for January, February and March. This will be the second of the three, which makes it the troubled middle child, Jan Brady of the shows. Come witness the angst as I preview songs from my new Broadway-bound musical ‘Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!’.* Mike Lookiland sits in on bass.**

The Recap:
Friday, 02.03.12 – 8p
Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 1)
196 Allen Street – NYC
No cover. 21+

* For anyone reading this under 40 or from a foreign country, this is a joke.
** This too.

RADIO, RADIO (Radio and, possibly, Radio)

(Radio) – Just missed the opportunity to tell you to tune in to Gene Shay’s show this past Sunday (01.29.12) on WXPN because, um, it already happened! But I do want to thank Gene as always for being so supportive and having me on the show and it was great bringing along Pete Donnelly to play some tunes as well.

RADIO – But there’s more radio coming up this week. Tuesday night (01.31.12 – 9p) I’ll be on the XPN Philly Local Hour with ‘The Treasure of Philadelphia’ Helen Leicht. Sitting right beside me and playing some songs will be the amazing Sandra Bae. I’ll be playing a couple of tracks from my upcoming live LP because my throat will be too sore to sing. I know this because it’s pre-recorded!

RADIO – More big fun with Pete Donnelly this Friday (02.02.12 – Noon) as he plays XPN’s ‘Free at Noon’. Those of you in Philly should come on down to see it live, the rest of you if you’d just rattle your jewelry.*** I’ll be playing guitar and singing on Pete’s fantastic tunes.

(and, possibly, Radio) – I know Pete is playing on XPN sometime during the day on Wednesday, don’t know if I’ll be able to make it or even if it’s a live performance thing, but check my Facebook and Twitter for updates and details.

ALL of these radio spectaculars are happening on WXPN (and all times are EST). You can listen in Philadelphia on 88.5 and you can listen from anywhere in the world (uh, maybe not China) on the internet here.

*** And this one, but maybe not the part about the foreign country.


‘Beatles by Boggia’ – 9.02.09 – World Cafe Live

No Comments 28 August 2009

Greetings Beatle Peedles,

A quick blast about what should be a very cool, unique night of Fab and Gear entertainment.

WEDNESDAY, 9.02.09 – 7P

September 2, 1964 – The Beatles’ 1st Philly show takes place at the Philadelphia Convention Center

  • Tickets were 5 bucks.
  • There were probably about 17 other acts on before they played.
  • Hy Lit (note the initials) asked them to come play at the Convention Center. He also hosted.
  • The Beatles’ set wasn’t more than about about a half an hour.
  • They were paid $25k.

September 2, 2009 – The ‘Beatles by Boggia’ takes place at World Cafe Live

  • Tickets are 15 bucks (plus a nominal service fee – life is so much better now).
  • Larry Kane will talk about his time traveling with and interviewing the Beatles on their first tour (and beyond) and Denny Somach will present a bunch of his fab memorabilia (including the only footage of the Beatles’ performance that night in ’64) before I play.
  • Helen Leicht (note the initials) asked me to come play at World Cafe Live. She’s also hosting, which is what you’d expect from the woman who invented the Breakfast with the Beatles format.
  • I’m playing the same set The Beatles played and it STILL won’t be more than about about a half an hour.
  • I’m being paid $25k.

At least one of these things isn’t true (Hint: it’s not the set length) but it WILL be a great evening of music and Fab memories.

If you were at the Beatles’ show 45 years ago and bring your ticket stub, WCL will give you a free drink. If you have been at ANY of my shows in the past and bring your ticket stub, I’ll let you buy me a drink.

Oh yeah – and there’s a special English pub-style menu that night. I’m hoping for Sunday Roast with Yorkshire Pud (but I’m not cookin’, so I can’t promise).

The Recap:
Wednesday, 9.02.09 – 7p
World Cafe Live
3025 Walnut Street – Philadelphia, PA
Get tix

21+. $15 (plus service charge).


In order to spread the word about Wednesday night’s show, I’m making a couple of promotional appearances on Monday, 8.31.09:

The 10! Show
Visiting with my friends Bill Henley and Lori Wilson once again on The 10! Show and playing a Fab tune. As always, you can watch it at home or come down to the studio and watch the magic.

The Recap:
Monday, 8.31.09 – 11a
NBC10 – Philadelphia, PA
Be in The 10! Show Audience

WXPN’s Leicht Lunch
After “wrapping” the TV portion of the broadcast day, I’ll be joining Helen Leicht on the radio for WXPN’s Leicht Lunch. I will play a Fab tune different from the one I played earlier on TV. I will ask Helen to tell the story about when she met Paul and I will have a story prepared about not meeting him.

The Recap:
Monday, 8.31.09 – 12p – 1p
88.5 WXPN – Philadelphia, PA
Helen on XPN

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