Glasses play an important role in protecting you from the harsh outdoor elements. They provide safety without obstructing the view of the other side. When such an important structural part of a home, store, building or vehicle is damaged, you should not wait long to get it repaired or replaced.

Glass Express offers repair and replacement services for all types of glasses used in homes, commercial places and vehicles. Trained glass technicians will fix your damaged glasses quickly and professionally.

The Risk of Injury

This is the most important reason you should get your damaged glass fixed as soon as possible. Glasses have sharp edges and a slight touch can lead to injury. No one gets into an accident deliberately. It happens unintentionally. Such risks can be reduced by keeping your building and vehicle safe.

Avoid any sharp pieces hanging or lying around. A broken glass should be repaired quickly to avoid anyone getting injured. This is especially necessary if it is a commercial place where you face the risk of a claim from a customers or visitor if the person is harmed due to a broken glass.

The Risk of Theft

Thieves are always looking for vulnerable spots in buildings. A broken glass left for long indicates lowered security level. It is an invitation to the burglars, thieves and vandals. They assume a home with a broken glass is less likely to be protected. They come determined to attack such a home. Keep your home looking well-maintained to prevent unwanted attention.

Low House Value

When your home’s glass is broken and damaged, you should never leave it in that condition, especially if you are planning to sell your property. A broken glass presents a poor image of the home. It indicates the homeowner does not spend sufficient money on maintenance. You will receive lower value for a home that has broken glass panes.

The same thing happens with a commercial store. People form a poor image of a shop that has broken glass window on its front or anywhere in the interior area. Get all broken and damaged glasses of your business place fixed by trained and certified glass technicians.

Unsafe to Drive

It is advisable not to drive your vehicle with a damaged windshield. Your windshield may have only a small chip damage but that much is sufficient to weaken its integrity. Next time, even a light impact will cause it to shatter. There is a serious risk of injury to the driver and passengers. Never drive with a damaged window. Get it fixed immediately after it has been damaged by a hit from an object.

Glass replacement is also recommended if your windshield has been used for long and now showing lots of micro pits and scratches. Such a condition of glass lowers visibility and makes the vehicle look dirty. These signs indicate the glass’s integrity is now compromised and it is time to replace it. Consult an experienced glass technician to know if it is time to replace your old windshield.


Glass replacement is necessary not only for the safety reason but also because in some cases the law requires it. Damaged glasses pose dangers not only to home or vehicle owners but also to other people. A commercial building where customers, clients or visitors visit must have a safe environment. Your employees expect a workplace where it is safe to work.

Your local council may require you to keep your home looking nice and well-maintained without the signs of exterior damage. Broken glass pieces seen in a home not only lower the value of that house, but they also reduce the value of other homes of the neighborhood. Local house owners and community do not want that to happen. Get your glass repaired or replaced to comply with these laws, rules and expectations.

When you use the services of a glass specialist, you are assured of quick and professional services. You get the expected results, and you will comply with the terms and conditions of your insurance provider that will demand proof of glass repair or replacement from a registered and licensed glass services company.

By Jim