Hi Everybody,

Hope your 2014 is wrapping up great and that you’re kicking in to holiday mode. After a November that has been the busiest month ever for me, I’m looking forward to a little time off myself, but not before I close out my 2014 shows with a BANG!


I’m doing this one up BIG! Starting off the evening with opener Ladybird. Three bluegrass lasses with exceptional harmonies and a bunch of tuneful tunes (the best kind). They’ll huddle around one microphone and take you back to good ol’ days so good and ol’ that we weren’t even born yet. How’s that for a trick? They opened for me at Melodies Cafe earlier this year and were a delight. Come early and be delighted.

After that, I’m taking the stage and doing my usual thing, except that I’ll be doing it with an unusual amount of special treats, including an extended set being joined by The End of America, adding instruments and harmonies to songs that are really happy to have them. A lot of you saw them open for me at Steel City last time around, so you know how good they are. This time we’re gonna be good together. Rehearsals are sounding AMAZING – I can’t wait for you to hear this.

I’m also going to do an extended uke set, debuting some things you haven’t heard before on 4 strings. Ooh, the mystery!

What? More? Okay – I’m working on another guest or two to drop in on the festivities.

FINALLY, it’s my last show of the year, so I may have one or two items I’m required to cross off my once-a-year list. THE TIME IS NOW! Fleeing is futile!

I’m putting everything I’ve got into this show. All you need to put in is yourself into a seat. Friends welcome, too!

The Recap: Saturday, 11.29.14 – 8p JIM BOGGIA Steel City 203 Bridge Street – Phoenixville, PA 601.933.4043 ALL AGES. BYOB.

Ladybird opens. The End of America joins Jim. Other special guests and treats. Metaphorical balloons for the kids!

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